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So you’re thinking of selling your home? There are many ways you could go through with this process. You could sit and wait until someone decides to buy your home for less than it actually costs. Another thing you could do is look for a house painting service in Rensselaer NY to have your home repainted. It is known that a fresh coat of paint not only looks good but it attracts buyers and it raised your homes resale price and overall ROI. Many house painting contractors Rensselaer NY have great ideas for repainting houses to increase resale value.

We are a service providing the company that focuses on home remodeling and home repair. We have employed only highly experienced workers that have been in the home improvement field for years. Our timely, reliable and trusted services are great for those who want to get anything in their home changed or fixed. We offer repairs for almost anything that a regular home can have. We also have specialty services.

We offer some of the best Painting Services in Rensselaer NY and we have employed commercial painting contractors that also have experience with larger scale projects. These contractors not only work on commercial projects but also provide residential painting services Rensselaer NY. Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best services without putting a dent in your pocket. If you need any kind of home-related services, we provide them. Whether you need to overhaul your entire home or just want to repair a leaky shower head, our experts are readily available to furnish all remodeling and repair needs.

We have great customer service and if you need any questions to be answered our support staff is readily available to answer all your queries. We provide a very diverse amount of services and can easily cater to all your commercial and residential repair or replacement needs in Rensselaer NY.

Not only do we cater to painting services but we also offer services like;

  • Handyman repairs.
  • Home repairs.
  • Window and door repairs.
  • Flooring services.
  • Electrical work.
  • Carpentry services.
  • Appliance Repair.

You don’t have to listen to only us. Visit our website and read our customer reviews and decide to hire us from there. We also offer free price quotes over the phone.

5 important Tips to hiring Painting Contractors In your Area

important tips to hiring painting contractors


Painting can help you transform your house or office. However, you must never attempt a DIY painting project. Todd Jobs has been offering painting services for years. It has compiled a list for its customers and other readers to help them know how to find a reliable and skilled painting service.

Check out the list below;

Ask About Its Experience

The first factor to consider is the experience of the house painting contractors in Saratoga Springs NY. You should understand that there is no alternative to experience and only experienced painters can deliver optimal results in minimal time and at affordable rates. An experienced painting company such as Todd Jobs has the added advantage of years of knowledge that help it complete each project without becoming stuck on an issue that might pop up.

Learn About The Warranty

Whether you are procuring residential painting services or hiring commercial painting contractors, it is of utmost importance that you learn about the company’s policy on warranty. Bear in mind that simply finding out that the company offers a warranty is not going to do the job. You must learn about the particulars of the warranty. For instance, you must know how long will the warranty last and what exactly does it cover.


best painting service in Albany NY

Always Get Written Estimates

According to experts, it is crucial that you ask for written estimates. Todd Jobs always provides its customers with detailed written estimates for the job. You should never procure residential painting services from the painting company that doesn’t provide you with written estimates, charges for its service, or provides the estimates over the phone. A written estimate protects you from getting overcharges and also enables you to compare the cost of hiring different painters.

Customers’ Voices Should Be Heard!

When it comes to house painting in Saratoga Springs NY, it is best that you also lend an ear to the voices of the customers that have already experienced the painting services of the painting company. You can ask the painting company for the customer referral list, or you can simply check out the customer reviews. Either way, you will be doing yourself a favor as you will be able to learn a lot about the painting company. You will find out about the quality of the craft, how the staff members behave, and if there is anything that you need to be careful of when hiring this painting company.

What About The Paperwork?

Make sure that you ask for the copies of paperwork of the company and get them checked before you procure house painting services from it. You can also find the information listed on the company’s website and get it confirmed online.

These are just some of the expert tips that Todd Jobs has for its customers and any other resident looking for a painting company. You can always reach out to us and enjoy durable results!