Tool guide 101– essential carpentry tools and their appropriate uses

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Good quality tools can make a huge difference in the finished look of any project – small or large, indoors or outdoors, if carpentry is done by the right tools, it will stand out.

Sliding meter Saw:

A good quality miter saw safeguards your cuts; the nicely made trimming will be accurate and produce tight-fitting joints. The cut framing will not only look much better but will also be efficient as the two surfaces will come in exact contact. The glue will not leave the surface and the fittings will adjust without any loop or gap.

Circular saw:

It is not the cheapest saw available, but if you watch for specials, it can usually be found in the $160 to $180 range. This is a saw that will last you a long time and likely exceed your expectations.

Drill Kit:

If there is one set of tools you won’t regret buying, it has to be a cordless impact driver and drill. They will probably get used more than any other tool on this list. Not just for a shed build, but anywhere you need a strong driver or drill, and this Makita 18v combo kit “Won’t Disappoint”.

Rafter square:

These are great for marking angles and pitch for rafters and simply marking off square cuts and layout marking for studs etc. The lip edge is one of the best features of this square – one for a pivot point and the other for holding the square tight to an edge for square marking.

Level pro set:

There is one thing you cannot do without on any larger building project and that is reliable and accurate levels. The quality of any project begins with the use of a level and is used throughout the building process.

Chalk line:

Over the years I have gone through more chalk lines than I care to remember. Even those in the $20 range have not managed to last the test of time. Either the tip wears down and starts to damage the line, or the winding mechanism fails or the case breaks. In my opinion, most are junk and one should not expect them to last more than a year with regular use.

Framing square: Having a large square to check corners, mark off plywood or wide boards and so on is indispensable and it is hard to go without one for any type of project that involves framing. They are also the best option for laying out stairs, large rafters, and roof framing.