Home Repair and Maintenance Services

Hey There! Are you looking for best Home repair and Maintenance Services

Then look no further, Here At Todd jobs, we specialize in providing remodeling and home repair services to the residents of Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Rensselaer NY and its surrounding areas.

For best Experience, we employ experienced individuals to make sure you get the best services at affordable rates.

Our Services includes:

  1. Home Building Structure
  2. Appliances
  3. Handyman
  4. Home Repair
  5. Installation

Whether you need to renovate your entire home or just want to repair a leaky showerhead

Our agency, will plan all your remodeling projects accordingly and give a brief overview into the projects to make sure every task is completed on time and professionally.

Our experts are readily available to furnish all remodeling and repair needs, We entertain custom orders and complete the projects by keeping your budget and time requirements in mind.

Worried about the cost of Home repair and maintenance Service?

Our experts, will get the job done by completing custom orders and projects all while keeping your budget and time requirements in mind.

Contact us and let us handle everything!


So what are you waiting for? Call Todd Jobs and experience the best handyman services in your town!

Appliance Repair 24 hours

  • Repair broken appliance
  • Installation of new appliances
  • Home Remodelling

We strive to build long-term relation with our customers by providing them with utmost services in less than 24 hours

Steel building structure

Looking for the best steel building structure!

Our website Toddjobs has got the skills and ability to provide Structure design for your buildings, site work and assembly of these building, moreover we also associate in providing high quality and durable steel with an utmost responsibility!

Our Services provide:

  1. Handyman
  2. Steel Building Structures
  3. Home repair
  4. Installation
  5. Appliance Repair

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Our Services!

We provide various services that can cater with all your residential, commercial repair and replacement needs.

From electrical work to mechanical jobs, we have the right tools and experience to formulate with your requirements

Bathroom Remodel

Before and After

Are you Bored with your Bathroom Design Model?

Kitchen Remodel

On a Budget

Remodel your Kitchen on a Systematic Budget


Best Home repair Services by our Experts

Home Repair

Repair your widows, doors and appliances with the right Tools and Skills

Windows & Doors

Want that fancy new door you just saw on the television?

We will provide expert installation and repair services.


We will guide and help you choose the right flooring that matches your requirements


Want a new color for your house, Explore our services to give your house the color it needs

Electrical Work

Having Trouble fixing your electrical problems?

We have solutions for both new and old houses. Let us assist you by providing expert services to brighten your home


Are you looking for carpentry services

Who can provide you with an expert service

Here at todjobs we will showcase our expertise and skill by repairing your appliances

Appliance Repair

Want to know more about Expert repair services for your appliances like refrigerators and washer!



Todd and team have been excellent and trustworthy. He has handled everything I’ve needed in a timely and cost efficient manner. I still use him and highly recommend him.

-Todd W.

Todd Jobs were very helpful to us when we moved into an older home. The guys are prompt, knowledgeable, neat, courteous and efficient. Every job they have done for us, from window repairs to plumbing, have been great!! I would certainly recommend them to anyone!

-Marylouise D.

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